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Website updated for: 17th April 2024

Register for Term 2 - 2024 by Email only
send an email to - classes@taichi.com.au

Website is now updated for term 2.

Term 2 - 2024 - starting:
Adelaide / Wayville - Tuesday 30th Aprily

North Adelaide ( 9.45am) - Advanced & returning students only

New Beginners - NOT available inTerms 2 & 3
Friday 18th October
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Register for Term 2 - 2024 - Adelaide by Email only
send an email to - classes@taichi.com.au

Advanced & returning students , Schedule
click here
Newsletter - Schedule
details for Term 2-2024 (639kb)

Register now for Term 2 - 2024
Starting 30th April 2024

Adelaide & North Adelaide in Term 2
Da Yan
Wild Goose Chi Kung - Returns
7 week course for section 1
for returning & advanced students Only
Adelaide - Wayville - Tuesday 6.15pm

North Adelaide - Friday 9.45am
Book - Chi Kung Shibashi 2nd Set 18 Forms

Official Textbook - $35
Institute current students special - $25

DVD & Chart / USB mp4 & pdf also $25 for set.

Da Yan Chi Kung - Wild Goose Set is a set of gentle movements,

** NOTE **
Term 2 Tuesday(pm) 30th April
Adelaide - WAYVILLE- poster 1.9 MB -

Chi Kung at 6.15pm

Tai Chi at 7.15pm

Yes the hall has Heating & cooling
All classes are dependant on Health SA Directives

Keeping everyone safe

Tai Chi or Chi Kung
Next New Beginners class book now.

Term 2 - 2024
Term 4 is due to start WAYVILLE ( formerly AdelaIaide)
Tuesday 30th April
Limited class numbers

Register for Term 21
Term 2 - Starts 30th April
Register for Term 2 - 2024 by Email only
send an email to - classes@taichi.com.au

Term 1 Tuesday(pm) 30th Aprilb
Chi Kung at 6.15pm

Tai Chi at 7.15pm

We will send you a discount coupon, map & covid requirments.

You need to re-confirmed after receiving initial email from us


Best means of contact is by email

Bookings essential and places are limited-
Email your interest to attend Term 2 - 2024- send an email classes@taichi.com.au


If you would like to know more about the Institute's classes, workshops and training materials,or

Specialty classes!


Corporate Classes

Private Groups

Special Events

Sporting Groups

Tai Chi for Schools ®


S.A.'s only instructors/ coaches & presenters who are

Government accredited in China.

Adelaide classes please contact us: office@taichi.com.au


Thankyou to all our students for you support over the last 38 years

4 Clarke St (Cnr Rose Tce & off Greenhill Road

Bookings essential and places are limited-
Email your interest to attend - send an email classes@taichi.com.au

Yes, the Adelaide/ WAYVILLE Hall has airconditioning
Chart - Tai Chi Yang 24 Forms DVD - Tai Chi Yang 24 Forms DVD - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 FormsBook - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms

North Adelaide (am)

Term 1 - 2024

Poster: North Adelaide - Term - starts Fri 9th February 2024 - 9.45am

New beginners can enrol for next 6 week course.

Bookings by email are essential

You can send an email classes@taichi.com.au

to indicate you will be attending &
reserve a place in the class

Tai Chi - Keep Calm - Article

Chi Kung - What is it? - Article

Discount Coupon

( 2 people at concession price for Family & Friends - for beginners)

See Previous Body & Soul in Sunday Mail Newspaper artilcle - 7th April 2013

schedule for advanced & returning students- for Term 1 - 2024


Angaston / Barossa Classes only contact Annmarie direct:

Postal: GPO Box 66
Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Contact us: Please note:

Office is closed during weekends & School Holidays

Best & prefered method of contact - send an email:

: classes@taichi.com.au

Want to contact us?

Indicate which venue you will attend :

we will reply with attached map & discount coupon.

You can include a return phone number.

Website names:













E-mail: send an email classes@taichi.com.au

If you have a general question about Tai Chi and Chi Kung, please click on What is Tai Chi? or What is Chi Kung? buttons in the left column.

The Institute has published our first "Questions and Answers" book, covering the most frequently asked questions about Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Shaolin Arts, the Institute and Allan Kelson. You can find out more about this book in our Books & Videos section.