The Tai Chi and Chi Kung Institute
Chi Kung Clinic

Adelaide, South Australia

Chi Kung Clinic

Established 1995

Adelaide Area & Mobile Clinic

Traditional Chinese Health Techniques:
Chi Kung - Massage
Chi Kung - Tui Na

Feel Relaxed & Energized
with a Chi Kung Massage

For the treatment of:
Headache - Backache - Stress - Fatigue - Sports Injuries - Specific Health Issues

Allan Kelson's Chi Kung (Qi Gong) & massage Clinic.
Currently Closed until further notice here.

** NOTE **

Chi Kung

New Beginners can start Term 4 - 2024 - 15th October 2024

Clinic is NOT currently available - Closed until further notice

This is a part-time clinic, and is mainly for treating & helping students of the Institute, Health practioners, and those

with cronic illness referred by other health practioners.

"We prefer to help those who will help themselves"

Try a Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Class.

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Beginner's Classes - Term 4 - 2024
Click here for new beginners students who are just getting started.

Clinic venue address is given after initial phone consultation.

Bookings are essential.

NOT currently available

in the mean time join a Chi Kung Class at Wayville (Tues pm) Term 4 - 2024
& North Adelaide fri 9.45am ( 2025)

GPO Box 66, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia

Email: classes@taichi.com.au

for futher details visit: www.qigong.com.au

Allan treating Dr Cai Jun with Special Chi Techniques
Allan Kelson treating Dr Cai Jun with Special Chi Techniques. Dr Cain Jun, head of the Chi Kung department of Xi yuan Hospital was the first person to receive a Master's Degree in Chi Kung from the Chinese Government.

7th September 2000.

Allan and Heather receiving certification in Chi Kung Massage and Tui Na
Allan Kelson and Heather Smith receiving their certificates in Chi Kung (Qi Gong) massage and Tui Na from Xi Yuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qi Gong Clinic). In the picture are doctors and staff of the Chi Kung Department.

14th September 2000.

Have Chi - Will travel
(Call out fee applies)