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Master Allan Kelson

Allan with his teacher Grand master Yang Zhenduo
Allan (left) with his teacher Grand Master Yang Zhenduo (right), keeper of Yang Family Tai Chi.

Allan with Li Shi Ying and Professor Mun
Allan receiving Tai Chi accreditation in China from Li Shi Ying (L) and Professor Mun (R), creator of the Tai Chi Competition form.

I received my International Judge Certificate for Tai Chi & Wu Shi after successfully completing my accreditation course in Beijing in April 2004, and I am the first South Australian to attain this International Judge level.

Allan Kelson is the Master - Instructor & Head Coach of the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute of Australia in Adelaide.

39 Years in S.A,

When did you begin to learn Tai Chi?
My friend Cameron McPherson introduced me to Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chinese Massage in 1978 I began teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung years later.

What qualifications do you have?
I am trained and accredited at the Beijing Sports University in Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Forms, 48 Forms, Chen Style Tai Chi, Sword (both Yang & Chen Styles), Cudgel (stick) forms and Sun Style Tai Chi.

I have also trained privately in-house with Grand Master Yang Zhendou in China in Traditional Yang Tai Chi. since 1989 & 1996.

I have also completed training and accreditation in China's classical weapons: Fan, Flute and Double Swords and the Advanced Training for Coaches and Diploma of Tai Chi at the Beijing Sports Institute/ University (BSU).

Allan with Li Shi Ying and Professor Mun
Allan presenting a copy of "Questions And Answers" to Professor Mun during a visit in 2002.

My Qi Gong (Chi Kung) training and accreditation comes from Xi Yuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing), Beidahe Qi Gong Rehabilitation Hospital (China), Beijing & Shanxi Colleges of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Beijing Sports University.

I have completed the International Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Training Course in Beijing, and I am an accredited International Wai Dan Chi Kung Instructor.

I am a Foundation Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong (WASMQ) in China, and have was elected a Standing Council Member in 1993. Elect to the Executive Council in 2004 & to the Position of Deputy - Secretary General in 2006. Elected Vice- President in China - 2014 - 2025

I am also a Master Instructor and Honorary Member of the Swedish Medical Chi Kung society, where I conduct training and workshops from time to time.

S.A. Chi kung Instructor Known Accross the World
(5 Messenger Newspapers 2000) - 1.7MB

Finally, I've been training at Shaolin in Kung Fu and Qi Gong (Chi Kung) sets since 1989. My teachers are both 31st Generation Shaolin Monks from the Songshan Shaolin Temple, including my teacher Master Feng Geng Hui who is also the director of the Henan Shaolin Wushu Institute.

Allan with Master Feng and Abbot Shi Yangxin
Allan with his teacher Master Feng, 31st generation of the Shaolin Temple and the Abbot of Shaolin (Shi Yangxin)

Allan and Senior Instructors with Master Hui Xiao Fei
Allan and Senior Instructors Heather & Jennifer receiving accreditation in Dao Yin Chi Kung from Master Hui Xiao Fei.

Allan receiving certification from Master Feng
Allan receiving certification from his teacher, Master Feng, Director of the Henan Shaolin Wushu Institute in 2002.

"Martial Art Hot Spots"

Shaolin & Kungfu on Discovery Channel 2003.

Filmed in Shaolin in 2002.

Book - Chi Kung Shibashi 1st Set 18 Forms

Allan teaching a Chi Kung class in a school
Teaching Chi Kung to St. Mary's Secondary School students

Allan teaching a Tai Chi class in the park
Teaching a Tai Chi class at a Park Lesson

Allan with Tai Chi and Chi Kung Institute Instructors
Working with Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute Instructors

  • Allan Kelson wins 2 Gold medals in China
    (Messenger) - 581KB

  • When did you form the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute?
    I began the Tai Chi Academy in 1985. In 1988, I renamed it to the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy, with associates in Western Australia, Victoria and the ACT for the purpose of teaching official and traditional sets from China. In 1993, it was renamed to the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute of Australia to differentiate it from any other organization and to better reflect the ideals of the organization.

    Colour brouchure about the Institute : Click here.

    Also & still trading as:

    Tia Chi & Chi Kung Institute of Australia ®
    Tai Chi Academy ®
    Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Academy ®
    Tai Chi for Schools ®
    Chi Kung Clinic ®
    Chinese Yoga ®

    Master Allan Kelson
    is a Member of: