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About the Institute

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The Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute of Australia
Established in 1985 by Master Allan Kelson, the Tai Chi Academy now called the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute since 1989, teaches a variety of Traditional and Official sets of Tai Chi (Taijiquan), Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Shaolin Health & Fitness Arts throughout metropolitan South Australia.

Thankyou to all our students for you support during this unprecidented times in 2020 - 2023.

Updated for - 17th June 2024

Term 4- 2024

You can enrol in weeks 1 - 3 only
( if vacancies exist after week 1)

Adelaide/ WAYVILLE starts Tues 15th October
North Adelaide N/A

Term 4 WAYVILLE Tuesday(pm) 15th October
Tai Chi at 7.15pm

Beginner's Classes: Term 4 - 2024

You can enrol in weeks 1 - 3 only
( if vacancies exist after week 1)

Click here Adelaide (Tues pm) for new beginners students who are just getting started.

Colour brouchure about the Institute : Click here.

Beginners' Classes

Tai Chi or Chi Kung
New Beginners class
Adelaide / WAYVILLE

You can enrol in week 1 - 3

Poster: Adelaide / WAYVILLE- poster ( Tuesday pm)

Adelaide / WAYVILLE

Term 4 Tuesday(pm) 15th October 2024
Chi Kung at 6.15pm

Tai Chi at 7.15pm

Allan teaching a Tai Chi class in the park
4 Clark St ( cnr Rose Tce & off Green Hill Road)

Bookings essential and places are limited-
Email your interest to attend - send an email classes@taichi.com.au

Yes, the Adelaide/ WAYVILLE Hall has airconditioning

Courses are conducted during the state school terms.


Discount Coupon
( 2 people for concession price - for New beginners)


Advanced & returning students newsletter & details for term 4 -2024

Adelaide & North Adelaide in Term 4
Da Yan
Wild Goose Chi Kung - Returned in 2024
7 week course for section 3
for returning & advanced students Only
Adelaide - Wayville - Tuesday 6.15pm

North Adelaide - Friday 9.45am
Book - Chi Kung Shibashi 2nd Set 18 Forms

Textbook, DVD / USB mp4 & pdf

Colour brouchure about the Institute : Click here


Also known as & still registered as:

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute ®

Tai Chi Academy ® 1988

Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qi Gong) Academy ®

Tai Chi for Schools ®

Tai Chi SA ®

Chi Kung Clinic ® Chinese Yoga ®

The Institute offers public classes and workshops, as well as private & corporate classes, workshops and presentations for schools & teachers (see Tai Chi for Schools index), clubs, companies & Training & Development (T & D) events.


Tai Chi for some forms of Arthritis Endorsement - over 35 Years.
Master Instructor Allan Kelson and instructors of the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute in S.A. are happy to be celebrating 36 years (since Oct 1988) of official endorsement by the Arthritis Foundation of Australia (S.A).

Allan kelson was the 1st person in Australia to introduce Tai Chi & Chi Kung ( Qi Gong) to the Arthritis Foundation of Australia (SA). In recognitation for Allan's involvement over a number of years, including Teaching their staff, presenting at Arthritis conferences & raising funds, Allan Kelson was granted official endorsment ( 31st October 1988) by the Arthritis Foundation of Australia ( SA) & presented with a certificate of Group Membership for the Tai chi & Chi Kung Institute on 29th November 1988.



Our Aims
We aim to:

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle within the wider community through awareness and practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung;
  • Provide opportunities for the general public to learn and practice Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Shaolin Health Arts;
  • Develop the skills of our Instructors to ensure our students receive the best possible tuition;
  • Promote and teach Official and Traditional Sets from China.

Our Instructors - Accredited in Australia & China
All classes are taught by Instructors trained by the Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute. The Institute prides itself on the quality of training its Instructors receive and on their skill and dedication to their arts.

The Institute actively participates in update training courses. Every venue is managed by a China Accredited Instructor / Coach, Police Checks & current first aid certification.

The Executive Instructors have all received training and accreditation in China from the Beijing Sport University (B.S.U) since 1989, and every venue has atleast one instructor trained at the B.S.U. All our Instructors receive training from Instructors who have been accredited in both China and Australia.

For more information about The Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute, please contact us.

Affiliated and Recommended Organizations
The Institute is affiliated with many organizations around Australia and overseas.

Australian Organizations

Where to Learn:

      • Tai Chi Australia: (Victoria),
        founded by Allan's friend, Master Han Jin Song

      • Shaolin QLD: Shaolin Kungfu Guan - Contact Ramesh Patel .
      • Master Wu Dong from the Beijing Sports University will be in Australia in April 2009 & 2011. In conjunction with the
        Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute (SA) for Instructors only &
        Shaolin Kungfu Guan (Qld) Workshops for student & public in (QLD)
      • Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy Australia: (Adelaide ),
        was founded by Allan's friend, Sifu Jim Fung - Contact Tony Pysala or Damian Rainer

  • The Tai Chi Association of Australia: the executive instructors are foundation members. Allan was an official Tai Chi Judge for 2005 & 2006 national competitions held in Qld.
  • Senior Instructor Jennifer Bould is now retired as National Vice- President of TCAA 2010 - 2020 ( retire VP)
  • Arthritis Foundation of Australia (S.A.)
    Endorsement : December 1988 "acceptable exercise for some Arthritis problems."
    Group member of the Arthritis Foundation : 29th November 1988.
  • ACHPER (S.A.) - Allan is a member 1999 - 2024 & official presenter 1999 - 2009 for the State Health & P.E. Conference.
  • Active Ageing (S.A.)- member.
  • Australia -China Friendship Society - Member since 1990 - 2023.

    Massage and more!

  • Bowen Therapy - Barry Samuels - Ph: 8445 8507 Email Barry

    Accupunture Expert: Ms Annh Phung - Ph 8346 7800 (SA)
International Organizations