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More Student Resources are coming as we gather articles and information of interest to our Tai Chi and Chi Kung students.


In the interest of protecting our students & Instructors,

Due to the Corona Virus situation & Government requirements, classes in Term 2 - 4 - 2020 were suspended.

We started again in Term 1 -Term 1 was full & booked out.

Term 2 & 3 are now full & booked out
Register for Term 4 starting 19th & 22nd October.

Student Information Sheet
This information sheet is handed out to all Institute students when enrolling for Beginner's Classes. It contains all the information you need to know about deferring, transferring, class rules and guidelines and what to do if you miss a class! If you have misplaced your copy - don't worry! You can download the Student Information Sheet (PDF format) here.

Doctors/ Health practioners approval form.
If you are joining a Tai chi or Chi Kung to help improve a specific health issue, print this Doctor's approval form & get you doctor to fill in the details & bring it to your first class. All information is confidential.
All of the Institute's Instructors are Government accredited by the Australian Sports Commission, however we are not doctors.

Gift Certificate.

Looking for a gift that's out of the ordinary? Perhaps a Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute Gift Certificate Voucher may be the answer! Our Gift Vouchers are valid for two terms, and they can be used to enroll in classes (subject to our normal enrollment conditions) or to purchase merchandise from our catalogue.

Only suitable for those living in the Adelaide Metro area. office@taichi.com.au

Did you graduate from a class recently? If we took your photo, then you might be on our Graduate Page!

Institute Newsletter
Advanced Classes Schedule: Term 2- 2021

Poster for Term 2- 2021
You can enrol in week 1 & 2

New Beginners details for Term 2
Poster: Adelaide - poster ( 4th May 2021 - Tuesday pm)

Poster: North Adelaide Term 2- 7th May 2021 - Fri 9.30am

Print a poster & put it up at: work, Uni, shop or library etc.
Adelaide - North Adelaide (am)



You can just check our website any time so see what's new.